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American Idol' season 10 premiere: It's on!

And it’s new! And I’m new! Steven Tyler and I have more in common than ever! Sadly, I cannot say the same about me and Jennifer Lopez. Look to your right. Doll Legs.

Discuss tonight’s staggering two-hour season 10 premiere here during and after the show. Do you miss Simon? Will any of the featured hopefuls linger in your brain long enough for you to illegally text your friends about them tomorrow from an AT&T device while driving your Ford after drinking your morning Coca-Cola? And based on the first two hours of auditions, would you extend a First Impression Rose to J. Lo, S. Ty, or Randy?Keep them alive or shatter their dreams of finding true love on reality TV in the comments. And come back tomorrow morning for my first-ever American Idol recap on

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